Commit 25063dad authored by Darshit Shah's avatar Darshit Shah
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With commit 7c4ef44d bochs requires SDL. Hence build with SDL

parent 2e61711c
......@@ -18,7 +18,8 @@ cat $PINTOSDIR/src/misc/bochs-2.6.2-jitter-plus-segv.patch | patch -p1
cat $PINTOSDIR/src/misc/bochs-2.6.2-xrandr-pkgconfig.patch | patch -p1
cat $PINTOSDIR/src/misc/bochs-2.6.2-banner-stderr.patch | patch -p1
cat $PINTOSDIR/src/misc/bochs-2.6.2-block-device-check.patch | patch -p1
CFGOPTS="--with-x --with-x11 --with-term --with-nogui --prefix=$DSTDIR"
cat $PINTOSDIR/src/misc/bochs-2.6.2-link-tinfo.patch | patch -p1
CFGOPTS="--with-x --with-x11 --with-term --with-nogui --with-sdl --prefix=$DSTDIR"
mkdir plain &&
cd plain &&
../configure $CFGOPTS --enable-gdb-stub &&
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