Commit f6a2989f authored by Curd Becker's avatar Curd Becker
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make check in the toplevel directory should build and test the provided code

parent f2448c1c
...@@ -52,16 +52,11 @@ p2: PROJECT = userprog ...@@ -52,16 +52,11 @@ p2: PROJECT = userprog
p3: PROJECT = vm p3: PROJECT = vm
p4: PROJECT = filesys p4: PROJECT = filesys
# Tests that just compile the provided code. # Tests that compile and test the provided code.
threads:: threads userprog vm filesys::
$(run-tests) TESTS=tests/threads/alarm-single
userprog vm filesys::
$(mk-sandbox) $(mk-sandbox)
$(compile) $(compile)
$(test-clean) $(test-clean)
$(clean) $(clean)
examples:: examples::
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