Commit b7241ea9 authored by Cédric Courtaud's avatar Cédric Courtaud
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Removes evil preprocessor directives

parent aa8ceee1
// Use only when coding to remove noise
mod rbftrace;
mod sync;
mod params;
mod args;
mod events_generation {
pub mod evg;
pub mod ftrace;
pub mod wrappers;
pub mod dummy;
pub mod replay;
#[allow(non_camel_case_types, non_snake_case, non_upper_case_globals)]
pub mod bindings;
mod events_processing {
pub mod evp;
pub mod invocation_cycle;
mod real_time {
pub mod arrival;
pub mod arrival_curve;
pub mod rbf_curve;
pub mod rtb_curve;
pub mod arrival_sequence;
pub mod sparse_map;
pub mod analysis {
pub mod models;
pub mod analysis;
pub mod model_matching;
pub mod rta;
pub mod rbf_rta;
mod feature_detection {
pub mod detect;
pub mod features;
pub mod system;
pub mod multiproc_type;
mod util {
pub mod export;
pub mod debug;
pub mod helpers;
pub mod trace_logger;
pub mod output;
#[cfg(feature = "profile")]
pub mod profile;
mod testing {
pub mod unit_test_analysis;
pub mod unit_test_matching;
* */
use std::process;
use std::thread;
use std::sync::mpsc::channel;
use structopt::StructOpt;
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