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......@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ theories/numbers.v
(* Copyright (c) 2020, Coq-std++ developers. *)
(* This file is distributed under the terms of the BSD license. *)
(** This file implements the type [coGset A] of finite/cofinite sets
of elements of any countable type [A].
Note that [coGset positive] cannot represent all elements of [coPset]
(e.g., [coPset_suffixes], [coPset_l], and [coPset_r] construct
infinite sets that cannot be represented). *)
From stdpp Require Export sets countable.
From stdpp Require Import decidable finite gmap coPset.
(* Set Default Proof Using "Type". *)
Inductive coGset `{Countable A} :=
| FinGSet (X : gset A)
| CoFinGset (X : gset A).
Arguments coGset _ {_ _} : assert.
Instance coGset_eq_dec `{Countable A} : EqDecision (coGset A).
Proof. solve_decision. Defined.
Instance coGset_countable `{Countable A} : Countable (coGset A).
apply (inj_countable'
(λ X, match X with FinGSet X => inl X | CoFinGset X => inr X end)
(λ s, match s with inl X => FinGSet X | inr X => CoFinGset X end)).
by intros [].
Section coGset.
Context `{Countable A}.
Global Instance coGset_elem_of : ElemOf A (coGset A) := λ x X,
match X with FinGSet X => x X | CoFinGset X => x X end.
Global Instance coGset_empty : Empty (coGset A) := FinGSet .
Global Instance coGset_top : Top (coGset A) := CoFinGset .
Global Instance coGset_singleton : Singleton A (coGset A) := λ x,
FinGSet {[x]}.
Global Instance coGset_union : Union (coGset A) := λ X Y,
match X, Y with
| FinGSet X, FinGSet Y => FinGSet (X Y)
| CoFinGset X, CoFinGset Y => CoFinGset (X Y)
| FinGSet X, CoFinGset Y => CoFinGset (Y X)
| CoFinGset X, FinGSet Y => CoFinGset (X Y)
Global Instance coGset_intersection : Intersection (coGset A) := λ X Y,
match X, Y with
| FinGSet X, FinGSet Y => FinGSet (X Y)
| CoFinGset X, CoFinGset Y => CoFinGset (X Y)
| FinGSet X, CoFinGset Y => FinGSet (X Y)
| CoFinGset X, FinGSet Y => FinGSet (Y X)
Global Instance coGset_difference : Difference (coGset A) := λ X Y,
match X, Y with
| FinGSet X, FinGSet Y => FinGSet (X Y)
| CoFinGset X, CoFinGset Y => FinGSet (Y X)
| FinGSet X, CoFinGset Y => FinGSet (X Y)
| CoFinGset X, FinGSet Y => CoFinGset (X Y)
Global Instance coGset_set : TopSet A (coGset A).
split; [split; [split| |]|].
- by intros ??.
- intros x y. unfold elem_of, coGset_elem_of; simpl.
by rewrite elem_of_singleton.
- intros [X|X] [Y|Y] x; unfold elem_of, coGset_elem_of, coGset_union; simpl.
+ set_solver.
+ by rewrite not_elem_of_difference, (comm ()).
+ by rewrite not_elem_of_difference.
+ by rewrite not_elem_of_intersection.
- intros [] [];
unfold elem_of, coGset_elem_of, coGset_intersection; set_solver.
- intros [X|X] [Y|Y] x;
unfold elem_of, coGset_elem_of, coGset_difference; simpl.
+ set_solver.
+ rewrite elem_of_intersection. destruct (decide (x Y)); tauto.
+ set_solver.
+ rewrite elem_of_difference. destruct (decide (x Y)); tauto.
- done.
End coGset.
Instance coGset_elem_of_dec `{Countable A} : RelDecision (@{coGset A}) :=
λ x X,
match X with
| FinGSet X => decide_rel elem_of x X
| CoFinGset X => not_dec (decide_rel elem_of x X)
Section infinite.
Context `{Countable A, Infinite A}.
Global Instance coGset_leibniz : LeibnizEquiv (coGset A).
intros [X|X] [Y|Y]; rewrite elem_of_equiv;
unfold elem_of, coGset_elem_of; simpl; intros HXY.
- f_equal. by apply leibniz_equiv.
- by destruct (exist_fresh (X Y)) as [? [? ?%HXY]%not_elem_of_union].
- by destruct (exist_fresh (X Y)) as [? [?%HXY ?]%not_elem_of_union].
- f_equal. apply leibniz_equiv; intros x. by apply not_elem_of_iff.
Global Instance coGset_equiv_dec : RelDecision (@{coGset A}).
refine (λ X Y, cast_if (decide (X = Y))); abstract (by fold_leibniz).
Global Instance coGset_disjoint_dec : RelDecision (##@{coGset A}).
refine (λ X Y, cast_if (decide (X Y = )));
abstract (by rewrite disjoint_intersection_L).
Global Instance coGset_subseteq_dec : RelDecision (@{coGset A}).
refine (λ X Y, cast_if (decide (X Y = Y)));
abstract (by rewrite subseteq_union_L).
Definition coGset_finite (X : coGset A) : bool :=
match X with FinGSet _ => true | CoFinGset _ => false end.
Lemma coGset_finite_spec X : set_finite X coGset_finite X.
destruct X as [X|X];
unfold set_finite, elem_of at 1, coGset_elem_of; simpl.
- split; [done|intros _]. exists (elements X). set_solver.
- split; [intros [Y HXY]%(pred_finite_set(C:=gset A))|done].
by destruct (exist_fresh (X Y)) as [? [?%HXY ?]%not_elem_of_union].
Global Instance coGset_finite_dec (X : coGset A) : Decision (set_finite X).
refine (cast_if (decide (coGset_finite X)));
abstract (by rewrite coGset_finite_spec).
End infinite.
(** * Pick elements from infinite sets *)
Definition cogpick `{Countable A, Infinite A} (X : coGset A) : A :=
fresh (match X with FinGSet _ => | CoFinGset X => X end).
Lemma cogpick_elem_of `{Countable A, Infinite A} X :
¬set_finite X cogpick X X.
unfold cogpick. destruct X as [X|X]; rewrite coGset_finite_spec; simpl.
done. by intros _; apply is_fresh.
(** * Conversion to and from gset *)
Definition coGset_to_gset `{Countable A} (X : coGset A) : gset A :=
match X with FinGSet X => X | CoFinGset _ => end.
Definition gset_to_coGset `{Countable A} : gset A coGset A := FinGSet.
Section to_gset.
Context `{Countable A, Infinite A}.
Lemma elem_of_coGset_to_gset (X : coGset A) x :
set_finite X x coGset_to_gset X x X.
Proof. rewrite coGset_finite_spec. by destruct X. Qed.
Lemma elem_of_gset_to_coGset (X : gset A) x : x gset_to_coGset X x X.
Proof. done. Qed.
Lemma gset_to_coGset_finite (X : gset A) : set_finite (gset_to_coGset X).
Proof. by rewrite coGset_finite_spec. Qed.
End to_gset.
(** * Conversion to coPset *)
Definition coGset_to_coPset (X : coGset positive) : coPset :=
match X with
| FinGSet X => gset_to_coPset X
| CoFinGset X => gset_to_coPset X
Lemma elem_of_coGset_to_coPset X x : x coGset_to_coPset X x X.
destruct X as [X|X]; simpl.
by rewrite elem_of_gset_to_coPset.
by rewrite elem_of_difference, elem_of_gset_to_coPset, (left_id True ()).
(** * Inefficient conversion to arbitrary sets with a top element *)
(** This shows that, when [A] is countable, [coGset A] is initial
among sets with [∪], [∩], [∖], [∅], [{[_]}], and [⊤]. *)
Definition coGset_to_top_set `{Countable A, Empty C, Singleton A C, Union C,
Top C, Difference C} (X : coGset A) : C :=
match X with
| FinGSet X => list_to_set (elements X)
| CoFinGset X => list_to_set (elements X)
Lemma elem_of_coGset_to_top_set `{Countable A, TopSet A C} X x :
x @{C} coGset_to_top_set X x X.
Proof. destruct X; set_solver. Qed.
(** * Domain of finite maps *)
Instance coGset_dom `{Countable K} {A} : Dom (gmap K A) (coGset K) := λ m,
gset_to_coGset (dom _ m).
Instance coGset_dom_spec `{Countable K} : FinMapDom K (gmap K) (coGset K).
split; try apply _. intros B m i. unfold dom, coGset_dom.
by rewrite elem_of_gset_to_coGset, elem_of_dom.
Typeclasses Opaque coGset_elem_of coGset_empty coGset_top coGset_singleton.
Typeclasses Opaque coGset_union coGset_intersection coGset_difference.
Typeclasses Opaque coGset_dom.
......@@ -562,6 +562,10 @@ Section semi_set.
Proof. unfold_leibniz. by rewrite empty_union_list. Qed.
End leibniz.
Lemma not_elem_of_iff `{!RelDecision (@{C})} X Y x :
(x X x Y) (x X x Y).
Proof. destruct (decide (x X)), (decide (x Y)); tauto. Qed.
Section dec.
Context `{!RelDecision (@{C})}.
Lemma set_subseteq_inv X Y : X Y X Y X Y.
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