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Merge branch 'monadset-comments' into 'master'

base.v: fix typo in comment about MonadSet, and extend

See merge request iris/stdpp!332
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......@@ -672,7 +672,7 @@ Global Instance: Params (@fst) 2 := {}.
Global Instance: Params (@snd) 2 := {}.
(** The Coq standard library swapped the names of curry/uncurry, see
FIXME: Remove this workaround once the lowest Coq version we support is 8.13. *)
Notation curry := prod_uncurry.
Global Instance: Params (@curry) 3 := {}.
......@@ -1449,9 +1449,11 @@ Global Instance: Params (@size) 2 := {}.
(** The class [MonadSet M] axiomatizes a type constructor [M] that can be
used to construct a set [M A] with elements of type [A]. The advantage
of this class, compared to [Set_], is that it also axiomatizes the
the monadic operations. The disadvantage, is that not many inhabits are
possible (we will only provide an inhabitant using unordered lists without
duplicates). More interesting implementations typically need
the monadic operations. The disadvantage is that not many inhabitants are
possible: we will only provide as inhabitants [propset] and [listset], which are
represented respectively using Boolean functions and lists with duplicates.
More interesting implementations typically need
decidable equality, or a total order on the elements, which do not fit
in a type constructor of type [Type → Type]. *)
Class MonadSet M `{ A, ElemOf A (M A),
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