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add exact_vm_cast

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......@@ -77,6 +77,13 @@ Ltac done_if b :=
| false => idtac
(** A version of [exact] that inserts a vm_cast into the term. On the pro side,
this means that vm_compute will be used at Qed time to check the cast. However,
this also embeds a copy of the current goal into the proof term, resulting in a
larger term. The difference to ssreflect's [exact<:] is that conversion checking
is also performed immediately, whereas [exact<:] only checks at Qed time. *)
Ltac exact_vm_cast t := match goal with |- ?P => exact (t <: P) end.
(** Aliases for trans and etrans that are easier to type *)
Tactic Notation "trans" constr(A) := transitivity A.
Tactic Notation "etrans" := etransitivity.
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