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Merge branch 'ci/ralf/test-suite' into 'master'

begin a test suite

See merge request robbertkrebbers/coq-stdpp!39
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# run tests with main build
real-all: test
# the test suite
TESTFILES=$(wildcard tests/*.v)
test: $(TESTFILES:.v=.vo)
.PHONY: test
COQ_TEST=$(COQTOP) $(COQDEBUG) -batch -test-mode
# Can't use pipes because that discards error codes and dash provides no way to control that.
# Also egrep errors if it doesn't match anything, we have to ignore that.
# Oh Unix...
REF_FILTER=egrep -v '(^Welcome to Coq|^Skipping rcfile loading.$$)'
tests/.coqdeps.d: $(TESTFILES)
$(HIDE)$(COQDEP) -dyndep var $(COQMF_COQLIBS_NOML) $^ $(redir_if_ok)
-include tests/.coqdeps.d
$(TESTFILES:.v=.vo): %.vo: %.v $(if $(MAKE_REF),,%.ref)
$(HIDE)TEST="$$(basename -s .v $<)" && \
TMPFILE="$$(mktemp)" && \
$(TIMER) $(COQ_TEST) $(TIMING_ARG) $(COQFLAGS) $(COQLIBS) -load-vernac-source $< $(TIMING_EXTRA) > "$$TMPFILE" && \
($(REF_FILTER) < "$$TMPFILE" > "$$TMPFILE.filtered" || true) && \
$(if $(MAKE_REF), \
mv "$$TMPFILE.filtered" "tests/$$TEST.ref", \
diff -u "tests/$$TEST.ref" "$$TMPFILE.filtered") && \
rm -f "$$TMPFILE" "$$TMPFILE.filtered" && \
touch $@
From stdpp Require Import prelude.
(** Some tests for solve_proper. *)
Section tests.
Context {A B : Type} `{!Equiv A, !Equiv B}.
Context (foo : A A) (bar : A B) (baz : B A A).
Context `{!Proper (() ==> ()) foo,
!Proper (() ==> ()) bar,
!Proper (() ==> () ==> ()) baz}.
Definition test1 (x : A) := baz (bar (foo x)) x.
Global Instance : Proper (() ==> ()) test1.
Proof. solve_proper. Qed.
Definition test2 (b : bool) (x : A) :=
if b then bar (foo x) else bar x.
Global Instance : b, Proper (() ==> ()) (test2 b).
Proof. solve_proper. Qed.
Definition test3 (f : nat A) :=
baz (bar (f 0)) (f 2).
Global Instance : Proper (pointwise_relation nat () ==> ()) test3.
Proof. solve_proper. Qed.
End tests.
From stdpp Require Import prelude.
(** Check that [@Reflexive Prop ?r] picks the instance setoid_rewrite needs.
Really, we want to set [Hint Mode Reflexive] in a way that this fails, but
we cannot [1]. So at least we try to make sure the first solution found
is the right one, to not pay performance in the success case [2].
Lemma test_setoid_rewrite :
exists R, @Reflexive Prop R /\ R = iff.
eexists. split.
- apply _.
- reflexivity.
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