Commit 57f71459 authored by Ralf Jung's avatar Ralf Jung
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show variant of equalization with the static lifetime

parent a0b45f8c
......@@ -82,6 +82,17 @@ Section lft_contexts.
+ iApply lft_incl_static.
+ iApply lft_incl_trans; last done. iApply lft_incl_static.
Lemma lctx_equalize_lft_static qL κ `{!frac_borG Σ} :
lft_ctx - llctx_elt_interp (κ ⊑ₗ []%list) qL ={}=
elctx_elt_interp (static ⊑ₑ κ).
iIntros "#LFT". iDestruct 1 as (κ') "(% & Hκ & _)"; simplify_eq/=.
iMod (lft_eternalize with "Hκ") as "#Hincl".
- iApply (lft_incl_glb with "[]"); simpl.
+ iApply lft_incl_refl.
+ done.
Context (E : elctx) (L : llctx).
......@@ -120,6 +120,15 @@ Section typing_rules.
iApply (He with "LFT [Hκ1 Hκ2 HE] Htl HL HC HT").
rewrite /elctx_interp /=. by iFrame.
Lemma type_equivalize_lft_static E L C T κ e :
( typed_body ((static ⊑ₑ κ) :: E) L C T e)
typed_body E ((κ ⊑ₗ []) :: L) C T e.
iIntros (He tid) "#LFT #HE Htl [Hκ HL] HC HT".
iMod (lctx_equalize_lft_static with "LFT Hκ") as "Hκ_static".
iApply (He with "LFT [Hκ_static HE] Htl HL HC HT").
rewrite /elctx_interp /=. by iFrame.
Lemma type_let' E L T1 T2 (T : tctx) C xb e e' :
Closed (xb :b: []) e'
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