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Prioritized labels

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Other labels

  • A-coq
    Iris / Iris
    Area: this concerns Coq eingeering questions
  • A-docs
    Iris / Iris
    Area: concerns documentation
  • A-infra
    Iris / Iris
    Area: Concerns our CI and perf tracking infrastructure as well as general project setup
  • A-meta
    Iris / Iris
    Area: meta-level Iris discussions
  • A-theory
    Iris / Iris
    Area: concerns the theory of Iris (and not just the Coq library)
  • C-bug
    Category: This is a bug we should fix
  • Category: This is a request for or implementation of a concrete enhancement
  • C-project
    Category: A more open-ended project discussion
  • C-support
    Category: a user asking for help
  • Category: a tracking issue for some unstable module
  • Changelog
    Iris / Iris
    Should be added to the changelog of the next release
  • Good First Issue
    Iris / Iris
    A good issue for a first contribution to Iris
  • I-performance
    Iris / Iris
    Impact: this is related to performance concerns
  • S-blocked
    This issue/MR is blocked on resolving some other issue or merging another MR
  • S-blocked-by-coq
    Iris / Iris
    Status: issue is blocked by a Coq improvement or bugfix
  • S-draft
    Status: this is a draft MR; more work by the author and/or reviewer is needed to fully flesh out its design
  • S-nominated
    Iris / Iris
    Status: nominated for discussion at the next meeting
  • Status: waiting for the MR author to do something
  • Status: someone is assigned at should look at this
  • T-algebra
    Iris / Iris
    Topic: concerns resource algebras