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Make the IPM documentation more useful

Tej Chajed requested to merge tchajed/iris-coq:revamp-ipm-docs into master

Several changes to make the IPM documentation more readable and useful as a reference:

  • Separated out the simpler invocations of tactics from their full forms. In the process we now document what parts of a tactic are optional.
  • Convey what the common and rare tactics are, for example that the argument to iModIntro is rarely needed.
  • Use "destruct" to talk about invoking an intro pattern, rather than eliminate, to stay closer to Coq terminology and avoid this potentially confusing term for someone without the required logic/PL background.
  • Added an overview of the "grammar entries" relevant to many tactics (ipat, selpat, spat, and pm_trm). Added links to those sections everywhere.

Really teaching the IPM can't be done here because it's a reference, so it notably lacks examples. I want to write a more tutorial or introductory version of this that actually illustrates the tactics and explains what you probably want to do, not just the full set of features.

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