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drop support for Coq 8.10

Ralf Jung requested to merge ralf/no-coq-8.10 into master

I propose we drop support for Coq 8.10. This is in accordance with out Coq support policy, which I don't think we have ever written down, but with so far has been:

  • We always support at least the last two major stable Coq releases.
  • We only drop support for a Coq version if the latest Iris release already supports this version.

Dropping Coq 8.10 is useful because it unblocks the persistent points-to work, and it means we can think about integrating the iris-string-ident "plugin".

I asked on Mattermost a few days ago, and so far nobody spoke up that they still require this support. I just asked again; let's see if anyone speaks up this time. @iris-users if you are using Iris with Coq 8.10 and are tracking Iris master, this will break your code. Please speak up if that affects you!

Fixes #388 (closed)

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