Commit d431dddd authored by Michael Sammler's avatar Michael Sammler
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simplify substitutions at the start

parent 41be1439
......@@ -608,15 +608,24 @@ Qed.
End W.
(** Substitution *)
(* TODO: make this not unfold AnnotStmt *)
Ltac simpl_subst :=
repeat (match goal with
| |- context [subst_stmt ?xs ?vs ?s] =>
let s' := W.of_stmt s in
change (subst_stmt xs vs s) with (subst_stmt xs vs (W.to_stmt s'));
rewrite <-(W.to_stmt_subst xs); simpl (* ssr rewrite is slower *)
end; unfold W.to_stmt, W.to_expr; simpl).
(* We need to be careful to never call simpl on the goal as that may
become quite slow. TODO: vm_compute seems to perform a lot better
than simpl but it reduces to much. Can we somehow still use it? *)
repeat (lazymatch goal with
| |- context C [subst_stmt ?xs ?s] =>
let s' := W.of_stmt s in
let P := context C [subst_stmt xs (W.to_stmt s')] in
change_no_check P; rewrite <-(W.to_stmt_subst xs)
repeat (lazymatch goal with
| |- context C [W.to_stmt (W.subst_stmt ?xs ?s)] =>
let s' := eval simpl in (W.subst_stmt xs s) in
let s' := eval unfold W.to_stmt, W.to_expr in (W.to_stmt s') in
let s' := eval simpl in s' in
let P := context C [s'] in
change_no_check P
Arguments W.to_expr : simpl never.
Arguments W.to_stmt : simpl never.
Arguments subst : simpl never.
......@@ -265,6 +265,7 @@ Ltac split_blocks Pfull Ps :=
(* cbn in * is important here to simplify the types of local
variables, otherwise unification gets confused later *)
cbn -[union] in *; rewrite !fmap_insert fmap_empty;
let Q := fresh "Q" in
lazymatch goal with
| |- @envs_entails ?PROP ?Δ (@bi_wand _ ?P (@typed_stmt ?Σ ?tG ?B ?s ?fn ?ls ?fr ?Q')) =>
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