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Prevent [finite_countable] from solving unrelated evars

Fix issue reported by @jung in Fixes #160 (closed).

The problem is that Hint Immediate translates to (something like) simple apply @finite.finite_countable ; trivial in the trace, and one (or both) the tactics trigger So I've adapted Iris's work around; I've not confirmed whether all of it is needed, but it worked on first try.

Missing (I assume):

  • trivial only uses hints with cost 0, but typeclasses eauto 0 does not appear to work, so typeclasses eauto 1 is the closest thing I see. This might be a problem.
  • Testcase
  • Changelog? Probably not needed since this is a bugfix
  • Mention this in upstream issue.

Also see Coq issue

Edited by Ralf Jung

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